24 / 07 / 2016

Makeup Geek are my favourite eyeshadows recently. They really work if You want to create full eye makeup and they are really pretty when you want to try something natural. My favourite are frost finished ones over matte. When it comes to blending matte ones, especially the darkest one I found it really difficult. 

>  Shimma Shimma, Confection, Petal Pusher, Brownie Points.

> Brownie Points, Petal Pusher, Confection, Shimma Shimma.

Brownie Points: Deep purple, cool undertones, matte finish.

Petal Pusher: Medium purple mauve, warm undertones, matte finish.

Confection: Pale, light purple, cool undertones, matte finish.

Shimma Shimma: Light beige, warm undertones, frosted.

Kisses, Anna

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